Our Community

The ants aren’t smart. The colony is!

Could you imagine how controversial we would be if we had a Board of Directors?

Or even if we had a formal leadership team with self-nominated subject experts?

No, we are not going to do this as we are sure that this type of structure is not in tune with our own.

We love and believe in self-organisation and emergence and that’s why we operate in a very specific way, by practicing swarm intelligence laws. Our community of facilitators works like a colony of insects, with no hierarchy but instead, with a real purpose.

In short, swarms work for the whole community of facilitators.

A swarm, in our structure, is a small organisation composed of the members of our community of facilitators that should work together on a specific goal over a period of time. During that period, they own the operations and work together with the founding facilitators and other swarms in order to achieve the community goals.


This swarm is responsible for our community. They should guarantee that our facilitators are sharing experiences and ideas, creating knowledge, growing strong relationships and living as a true community should. They come up with and provide opportunities for interaction among our members, manage our internal channels (e.g. slack) and all those things that have the aim of generating value for our community.

community relationship interaction


This swarm is responsible for our face in the marketing. They should guarantee that we’re being clear about our message to the market and that our brand is pretty sexy in the eyes of creative workers, teams and organisations. They manage content, mailing, campaigns, external channels and all those things that are related to the image of our brand.

marketing communication exposition


This swarm is responsible for the operations of the brand. They should guarantee that all internal data, accounts, licenses and documents are we'll-organised and totally transparent to the whole community. They manage the operations of our virtual office.

operations data accounts


Alexandre Magno is not our CEO, because our community neither wants nor needs one! However, as our founding facilitator, he is in a different position to other members, not more or less important - just different. His sole function is to evolve the Learning 3.0 concept and facilitate our system in order to guarantee that the swarms and the whole community is growing in line with it. Also, he’s the legal representative of Happy Melly Brasil Ltda., the company who owns the Learning 3.0 brand.