Learning Camps

Become a Learning 3.0 Facilitator and be part of the revolution behind knowledge creation among workers, teams, organizations and society.

What are Learning Camps?

Learning Camps are events for facilitators or "wannabe" facilitators where you have the opportunity to see Learning 3.0 principles in practice and apply them to your own, unique facilitation style. By firstly improving your facilitation skills at camp, you will be licensed as a L3F (Learning 3.0 Facilitator) and all set to organise your own official Learning 3.0 events.

If you are someone who wants to rethink the way you and others learn, then the Learning Camp is for you.
No hierarchy

Hierarchies can greatly inhibit emergent learning. It’s more effective when people talk to each other as equals rather than as disparate members of a hierarchy.

Ideas experience


Great ideas can emerge in both formal and informal settings. At Learning Camp, we understand that and that is why we promote real confraternisation, offering both kinds of experience to our campers.

  • Learning Shots
  • Sensemaking
  • Learning Canvas
  • Visual Thinking
  • Storytelling
  • Speed Geeking
  • Lean Coffee
  • Learning Mosaic
  • Lego® Serious Play®
  • Open Space
  • Peer Facilitation
  • Innovation Games


Get inspired by meeting creative workers who want to revolutionise learning experiences.


Discover why sharing is at the core of our learning principles.


Grow your learning community by building new connections with likeminded people.


Find the perfect atmosphere to develop your faciliation skills.


See how you can introduce learning facilitation into your career portfolio.


Hiking, improvisation, music, games, pizza night, drinks... lots of fun!

Over the weekend, we watched everyone move from training to sharing - as a learning process.
Lisette Sutherland | Happy Melly
In the Learning Camp you discover that you're capable of letting your teams shine, just by being a learning facilitator.
Caio Cestari | Netshoes
Learning Camps liberate minds. By knowing more about emergent learning and how to act as a learning facilitator, I'm not looking for the right answers anymore. Instead, I promote sharing (keep this in mind!) and improve our learning initiatives at SERPRO.
João Paulo Novais | SERPRO
Even though I’m already a fan and practitioner of emergent learning, the Learning Camp let me rethink and rebuild a lot of concepts and practices. I lead training events almost every week but I can honestly say that my performance in the classroom can be classified as BLC (Before-Learning Camp) and ALC (After-Learning Camp).
Manoel Pimentel | Adaptworks
For a long time, I was considering a shift in my career. The Learning Camp really gave me an inspiring reason to do that.
Yóris Linhares