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How Creative Workers Learn

Alexandre Magno

Develop your career with emergent learning and succeed in the creativity age

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Learning 3.0 is a learning system for Creative Workers

It includes Theory, Practice and Behavior. With this system you will be able to build tools, learning events, and all with an emergent process, fit to your "real world".

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Table of content

Foreword / Introduction

Creative work Part 1: The Creative Worker

Chapter 1. Are you a creative worker?

Chapter 2. You own your career

Chapter 3. Integrating life and work

Learning learn Part 2: Relearning to learn

Chapter 4. Learning 1.0, or we were taught to be taught

Chapter 5. Learning 2.0, or factories of best practices

Chapter 6. Learning 3.0, or sharing is the new teaching

Learning3 Part 3: Practicing Learning 3.0

Chapter 7. A learning system

Chapter 8. Playing with the system

Conclusion / Acknowledgments / References

The future belongs to the creative workers that are able to out-learn their competition. In a world or writers, programmers, testers, managers the single most important enabler for career success is simply: Learning!

How Creative Workers Learn takes you on a journey of discovery, you will understand how you can effectively manage your career, using learning as your tool to build a future you can be proud of.

you are in control of your learning
“We all need to learn new skills and ideas, for our work or personal lives. If you have ever wondered why some courses work better than others, you need Learning 3.0. Read this book and see how you can learn to learn.”
– Johanna Rothman
“In this thought provoking and insightful book, Alexandre puts forward a new model of learning fit for the 21st century – one that is more emergent and ultimately effective. Embrace Learning 3.0 and play your part in the learning revolution that is already underway.”
– Laurence McCahill
“It is a must-read if you are tired of immersive training sessions and previous recipes that are just not working to solve your company problems. It shows us how such complex situations can be addressed with what you already have inside your workplace: people - with their previous experiences and fresh new ideas!”
– Caio Cestari Silva
“Reading Learning 3.0 was like a million light bulbs coming on at once. This book answers the biggest challenge facing my business and all businesses in the knowledge economy.”
– Jack Hubbard

About the author

Alexandre is a former "almost-famous" agilist, but nowadays he defines himself simply as a learning revolutionary. He really believes that emergent learning and learning facilitation are the keys to creative workers success in this complex and fast-paced new world of work. He is the founder of the Learning 3.0 brand at Happy Melly and author of "How Creative Workers Learn", the first book in the Learning 3.0 series.

Throughout his career, he has moved from programming computers to software development; then moving back into to database development; product, project and team management... and finally: business management. In all those fields he was in someway involved with learning initiatives, realising that was where he is able to make a huge social impact, and so identifying this as his calling in life.

Alexandre lives between Brazil and the UK, just coincidentally two countries that love football.