Learning Shot: How can you work (more) remotely?

Learning Shot: How can you work (more) remotely?

Date: 25/07/2015 10:00 AM

If you have ever wondered how you can work (more) remotely, then this is the event for you!

Join Rich Aspinall and special guest, Lisette Sutherland to learn, share and develop ideas about this hot topic. 
Hot Topics
  • How to simulate the office
  • How to facilitate meetings online
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Setting expectations for collaborative online work
  • Taking a look at technology to aid remote working

Reasons to attend
By attending this event, you will get the chance to evaluate the whole concept of working remotely. It's your opportunity to learn from other industries, share your own knowledge and experiences and get insight from experts. 

The learning shot format
This workshop will be organised using the learning shot format. Learning shots are events, which focus on emergent learning where participants have the opportunity to work alongside experts from the field, working together to come up with creative solutions by sharing experiences and benefiting from emergent learning. It's more about creating knowledge than acquiring knowledge.
Join us if you are...
a manager, a software developer, an architect, a facilitator, an agilist, an accountant, an agent of change, a coach, an educator, a trainer ... a creative worker.
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Richard Aspinall (@richlearning30) is one of the learning revolutionaries behind Learning 3.0.
Rich is a British educator that realised that ‘sharing’ should play a more important role than ‘teaching’ in our lives and decided to find different ways to promote this ethos through his services. He discovered Learning 3.0 and decided to join forces with founder, Alexandre Magno (@axmagno).
Rich is also part of Happy Melly; currently working on the writing process for the Learning 3.0 book series, and organising Learning 3.0 events (Learning Camp and Learning Shots) worldwide.


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