Learning 3.0 - Reinventing the Way Creative Workers Learn

Learning 3.0 - Reinventing the Way Creative Workers Learn

Date: 07/02/2015 10:00 AM

The first Learning 3.0 book, "How Creative Workers Learn" is right around the corner and to celebrate it, Alexandre Magno and Richard Aspinall will run an experimental and emergent learning workshop in London, in order to share the concepts and practices that the whole world is about to discover through the book.

In this one-off event, you will get to find out the origins of Learning 3.0 from its founder and about emergent learning tools (e.g. Learning Canvas, Learning Mosaic) that help creative workers to learn better and faster.

Hot Topics

  • Who are creative workers?
  • Owning your career
  • Relearning to learn
  • The case for Learning 3.0

  • Practicing with and creating Learning 3.0 tools

Reasons to attend
Learning 3.0 is on a mission to revolutionise the way individuals and teams learn. By attending this event, you will get the chance to evaluate the whole concept of what learning is and how new ideas can be implemented and shared with likeminded people.  

The learning shot format
This workshop will be organised using the learning shot format. Learning shots are events, which focus on emergent learning where participants have the opportunity to work alongside experts from the field, working together to come up with creative solutions by sharing experiences and benefitting from emergent learning. It's more about creating knowledge than acquiring knowledge.

Join us if you are...
a manager, a software developer, an architect, a facilitator, an agilist, an accountant, an agent of change, a coach, an educator, a trainer ... a creative worker.

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Alexandre Magno (@axmagno) and Richard Aspinall (@richlearning30) are the learning revolutionaries behind Learning 3.0.

Alex is a Brazilian agilist that after realising that ‘learning’ and not ‘changing’ is the biggest challenge for Agile in organisations, decided to look at this subject in much depth. He forged Learning 3.0 in order to promote a pragmatic way to spread the word about emergent learning across workers, teams and organisations. Rich is a British educator that realised that ‘sharing’ should play a more important role than ‘teaching’ in our lives and decided to find different ways to promote this ethos through his services. He discovered Learning 3.0 and decided to join forces with Alex.

They are both members of the Learning 3.0 team at Happy Melly; working together on the writing process for the Learning 3.0 book series, and organising Learning 3.0 events (Learning Camp and Learning Shots) all over the world.


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London, United Kingdom