How to tweak your organisational culture to increase agility?

How to tweak your organisational culture to increase agility?

Date: 22/06/2016 01:00 PM

If you have tried to adopt agile in your team and wondered how to tweak your organisational culture to make it work, then this is the event for you! Join Thomas Vitzky and the learning revolutionary behind Learning 3.0., Alexandre Magno to learn, share and develop ideas about these hot topics: 

  • • How do great organisational cultures look like?
    • How to create such environments?
    • Where to start tweaking?

  • Reasons to attend
    By attending this event, you will get the chance to evaluate the concept of tweaking an organisational culture to increase agility. It's your opportunity to learn from other industries, share your own knowledge and experiences and get insight from experts.

    The learning shot format
    This workshop will be organised using the learning shot format. Learning shots are events, which focus on emergent learning where participants have the opportunity to work alongside experts from the field, working together to come up with creative solutions by sharing experiences and benefitting from emergent learning. It's more about creating knowledge than acquiring knowledge.

    Join us if you are ...
    a manager, a software developer, an architect, a facilitator, an agilist, an accountant, an agent of change, a coach, an educator, a trainer ... a creative worker.

    Alexandre Magno is a Brazilian agilist that after realising that ‘learning’ and not ‘changing’ is the biggest challenge for Agile in organisations, decided to look at this subject in much depth. He forged Learning 3.0 in order to promote a pragmatic way to spread the word about emergent learning across workers, teams and organisations. Alex is the author of "How Creative Workers Learn", the first book in the Learning 3.0 series, and founder of the Learning 3.0 brand at Happy Melly.
    Thomas Vitzky works as Agile Coach for diva-e Digital Value Enterprise GmbH, one of Germany’s leading service providers for e-business solutions. His main focus is to help his clients to figure out how to create the conditions for agile to thrive rather than simply teaching people a new process or a new way of thinking. As one of the first Learning 3.0 facilitators in Europe he helps to promote the idea of emergent learning. 


diva- Digital Value Enterprise GmbH, Friedrichstraße 147, 10117,

Berlin, Germany