Learning 3.0 Camp - Lisbon

Date: 19/06/2017 09:00 AM - 20/06/2017 06:00 PM

What are Learning Camps?

Learning Camps are 2-day events where you have the opportunity to see Learning 3.0 principles and The Learning Flow in practice, applying them to your own, unique facilitation style. 

Why should you join a Learning Camp?

By firstly improving your learning facilitation skills at camp, you will be all set to help creative workers to improve their performance at work by unleashing the power of emergent learning.

A sample of a camp

Each Learning Camp is unique. The agenda presented here is not fixed, actually,  it’s common to see new (and unexpected) topics emerging during camps. However, as Learning 3.0 - the learning system - is the product of learning for our learning camps, you can expect to experience an event that looks like this.

  • Learning 3.0 Understanding: Forging an understanding about the learning system and its applicability in different contexts; 
  • The Learning Flow: Flowing over (and solving) complex problems by using our sensemaking process for emergent learning.
  • From principles to practices: Living the Learning 3.0 principles by practicing some concrete tools for learning and performance facilitation;
  • You as a Learning 3.0 facilitator: Building your own Learning 3.0 tools and experiences and getting ready for making a revolution of learning in your workplace.

On the other hand, the process of learning used in each camp is quite flexible and navigates across several facilitation and learning techniques. In general, the following techniques are in the bag of our principal facilitators…but, you know: storytelling, narratives, visual thinking, learning shots, peer facilitation, lean coffee, learning canvas, ski lift, open space, speed geeking, lego serious play, church of fail, innovation games, and a whole host of other, non-branded ones. 

Why people love our learning camps

Managers and entrepreneurs know that investments, neither in training courses, nor in specialised consulting are resulting in real performance improvement for their business. During the camp they discover emergent ways to improve business results by blending learning and performance through Learning 3.0. They love their business and all things that improve their results … and that’s why they love our camps. 

HR and L&D professionals are under considerable pressure to improve the ROI (Return on Investment) of their budgets. At camp, attendees understand how to use the power of emergent learning to increase development and competencies, which in turn generates better performance; and that’s why people love the camp. 

Trainers are facing more and more challenges to deliver great training courses. Most questions can only be “answered" by point-of-views, but what students want to hear are the "right answers”. Trainers love our camps because they see how to move from training to facilitation more clearly, from saying to sharing, from developing material to curating content.

Teachers … they already know the limitations of prescriptive learning and they suffer as a result of not having conditions to put all they know about emergent learning into practice. They love our camps because, finally, they can see how to do it by using Learning 3.0.

Facilitators want to better understand their job and continuously improve their facilitators skills - they love our camps because they know there’s no better place to do this than here.

Consultants know that their position is in a precarious situation in the market. It’s time to redefine their role in the game and Learning 3.0 will help them to  do so. 

Life and Professional Coaches are always looking for new and improved ways to help their coachees to learn about their life, competences, challenges and goals. Why not using Learning 3.0 to help them with it? That’s what coaches are prepared to do right after the camp…and that’s why they love it.

Change agents:If learning is easy, changing is easy! So why as a change agents are we focusing on improving change and not on improving learning? It strikes during the camp, and they love it. 

Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters should foster and nurture self-organisation in teams. And guess what? Self-organisation is intrinsically linked to emergent learning, the scientific side of Learning 3.0. After the camp they are ready to promote emergent learning across their organisation; their teams love it and so do they.  

Product Owners need to learn more about customer needs, continuously. By applying emergent techniques, they discover a new world of opportunity in which they see how to use Learning 3.0 for product and requirements discovery…and they love it. 

Creative Workers need to create best product and services at work. Working is a result of learning and performing, so creative workers perform better by learning and they love it.

The future belongs to creative workers that are able to out-learn their competition. In a world or designers, programmers, testers, architects, and so, the single most important enabler for career success is simply: learning! And that’s why all of them love the learning camp!

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