Sharing is the new teaching

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The learning revolution is already underway!

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Redefining the relationship between learning, space and time.
“Reading Learning 3.0 was like a million light bulbs coming on at once. This book answers the biggest challenge facing my business and all businesses in the knowledge economy.”
Jack Hubbard | CEO of Propellernet

Learning Shot

Creative solutions by sharing experiences and benefitting from emergent learning

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Learning Camps

The opportunity to see Learning 3.0 principles in practice and apply them to your own facilitation style

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Learning 1.0 Being taught

You’re a knowledge receptor, waiting for an expert or institution to decide on what and how you have to learn.

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Learning 2.0 Asking

More time is invested in dialogue. There are more interactions, especially based on the product of learning.

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Learning 3.0 Sharing

The product of learning is no longer defined by experts. It emerges when faced with new conditions and challenges.

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“It's time to unleash the power of collaboration and collective knowledge and Learning 3.0 does just that.”
Hugo S. Azevedo
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“I am pretty sure we need to tear down the walls that exist in the learning process and all the hierarchy applied in Learning 1.0 and 2.0.”
Giovani Salvador